Home Entryways and Foyers

No matter the size or shape of your foyer, taking time to make it look attractive is always worth the effort.

No matter the size, foyers are essential to homeowners for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

A small area rug, captivating art and an attractive light fixture can help to create a welcoming and friendly greeting zone for guests.

Coat Racks

Coat racks are a classic and functional way to store coats, hats and other accessories in home entryways and foyers. They come in an array of styles and materials so that they can blend in with the decor of your space.

Metal coat racks are a popular choice for modern and contemporary spaces due to their sleek, minimalist style and variety of colors that can be chosen to match the room’s theme.

Wooden coat racks are an excellent choice for rustic and country-style interiors. They come in various wood types and colors, such as rich mahogany or strong oak.

Wall-mounted coat racks offer multiple hooks and a base shelf to store hats, gloves and other accessories. Some also feature pullout drawers or open cubby holes for additional storage space.

Console Tables

Console tables are an incredibly versatile home decor item that can be used in many ways. They’re especially ideal for entryways and foyers, providing surface area, organization, and storage without blocking the walkway.

One popular option for console tables is a solid wood table that can be stained or painted to blend in with any design scheme. Whether you opt for traditional or rustic styling, wooden console tables add warmth to your entryway and complement other pieces in the room.

Console tables often include a shelf underneath for extra storage of items like magazines, books and other decorations. This lower level is ideal for keeping things tidy when not in use.


Mirrors are a classic decor element that can be used in home entryways and foyers to add an air of sophistication. Not only do they add extra lighting, but they also visually lengthen the space, giving it the illusion of being larger than it actually is.

A good mirror must possess high degrees of flatness and a surface roughness smaller than the wavelength it reflects. This property, known as specular reflection, sets mirrors apart from other surfaces which diffuse light.

For household use, the most popular glass material is tempered float glass. Other materials like sandblasted or patterned glass may also be available but they may not meet the same quality requirements.

Manufacturers use hard, finely pointed blades or diamond scribes to cut glass into blank shapes. They may also employ an automated bandsaw – a machine that uses a saw to slice through glass by drawing it back and forth or up and down.


When guests enter your home, the entryway and foyer should be the first areas they see. Therefore, it is essential that this space feels welcoming and cozy.

Lighting is an essential factor when designing a foyer. Proper illumination can transform the space into an inviting and bright area that will make guests feel right at home.

Lighting styles range from table lamps and recessed ceiling lights to chandeliers, casting a soft glow that matches the rest of your interior design.

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