Concrete Resurfacing: The Advantages and Things to Consider By Homeowners

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their homes. Whether it’s an uncured coat of paint, new furniture, or remodeling a room, there are many ways to update your home’s look. One way to give your home an update is by concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing is when an application of a new layer of concrete over an existing layer of concrete. It offers many benefits and can be a great way to update your home’s look. 

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Aesthetic Appeal

Many people resurface their concrete for purely aesthetic reasons. If your home’s concrete looks old and worn, resurfacing it with a fresh layer can make it look brand new. There are various design alternatives available when you opt to resurface your concrete. You can choose from various hues, textures, and patterns to create the perfect look for your home. Stamped concrete is another option that allows you to create various looks, such as brick, stone, or wood grain effects.

Increased Durability

Another advantage of concrete resurfacing is that it increases the life of your concrete. The new layer of concrete will protect your current concrete from weathering, staining, and cracking. Furthermore, it has more excellent resistance to wear and damage than the original concrete.

Less Expensive Than Replacement

Concrete resurfacing is also a lot less expensive than concrete replacement. You must pay for the expense of removing and disposing of your old concrete. It might eventually lead to expenditure in total. Concrete resurfacing only requires the payment of supplies and labor, whereas concrete replacement necessitates both expenditures. If repairs or other cracks are required, you may choose to apply a concrete overlay instead. It’s a considerably thinner layer of cement put over the existing concrete.


Saves Time

Replacing your concrete can be a time-consuming process. You must wait for the removal of the old concrete and for the new concrete to cure before you can use it. Concrete resurfacing is much quicker to finish in a few days.

Your Home May Be Worth More

Concrete resurfacing can add to its value if you plan on selling your home in the future. A well-done concrete resurfacing job will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Facts About Concrete Resurfacing

Here are some critical concrete resurfacing facts to keep in mind before you decide if it’s the right choice for your home

  • You can do concrete resurfacing on both interior and exterior surfaces.
  • The concrete must be in good condition before resurfacing can take place. If there are cracks or other damage, you must repair it first.
  • The entire process takes place 1-2 days to complete.
  • You will need to wait 24 hours before walking on the resurfaced concrete and seven days before driving on it.
  • Proper ventilation is essential when doing concrete resurfacing as the fumes can be harmful. 

Concrete resurfacing Clearwater is a great option that offers many benefits, like increased durability, when trying to figure out how to update the look of your home. It’s typically less expensive than replacing the entire concrete slab, but it’s still important to consult with experts and do your research before making any decisions.

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