Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Similar to updates, updates help refresh a space without altering its purpose and layout. Swapping out colors or adding storage are great budget-friendly ways of giving your bathroom an updated look.

Add some flair with colorful fabric panels as shower curtains, matching them to towels and other linens for an integrated suite feel.

Update Soft Surfaces

Upgraded shower curtains, rugs and towels add colorful pops of pattern and colour. Vivid hues liven up an otherwise neutral bathroom while soft patterns complement bright walls. Plus, using mildew-resistant liners means your curtains won’t trap smells or attract mold growth!

Installing a rain-style showerhead adds spa-like qualities and is an effortless DIY upgrade. Top models available at home centers thread easily onto existing pipes for seamless integration.

Natural stone marble is an elegant bathroom surface, requiring less maintenance than other surfacing options and creating a posh atmosphere. However, it can stain quickly if homeowners don’t maintain regular cleaning and sealing routines.

Do something creative with an old piece of furniture by turning it into a bathroom vanity. A dresser or console table provides a comfortable surface height for sink placement while open shelves offer storage space below. For optimal efficiency, consider adding pullout shelves that corral items like cotton swabs and toiletries into convenient compartments.


A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the appearance of your bathroom, provided it contains mildew-resistant ingredients specifically formulated for bathrooms. Choose a light hue with expandability or deeper hues with depth and character for best results.

Before commencing with painting, turn off the water supply, flush and drain your toilet and cover surfaces with drop cloths to protect surfaces from drips and spills. It’s also wise to take steps such as removing switch and outlet plates, faucet handles, mirrors and any fixtures prior to commencing work; and if necessary tape off any trim that won’t be painted.

Contrary to most rooms in your home, full baths typically contain all plumbing fixtures on one wall – this helps reduce construction costs by limiting how often plumbing lines need to be rerouted – while creating an open floor plan that makes your bathroom appear larger and more spacious.

Add Storage

Additions such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and caddies that provide storage solutions can quickly update a bathroom without incurring the expenses associated with full renovation. When shopping at supermarkets for accessories such as these you might also consider picking up cotton wool balls, floss and small apothecary jars as inexpensive additions to add.

A ladder can be an ideal way to hang towels and robes without protrusion into small spaces, while not protruding too far from the wall itself. For those without access to a linen closet, a tiered shelf over the door is another effective solution for keeping towels and spare sheets nearby.

Cladding walls and cabinets with tongue-and-groove panelling is a quicker and less expensive alternative to remodeling an entire bathroom, creating a uniform suite look with consistent hues across each panel – here a serene watercolor shade of blue offers a relaxing vibe for this bathroom suite!

Add a Touch of Elegance

If you want to add some luxurious touches to your bathroom decor, look for pieces that evoke hotel or restaurant aesthetic. Oversized sconces, exaggerated mirrors, metallic vessel sinks and glamorous bathroom styles such as this are easily achievable without extensive renovation work.

Natural materials, like wood and rattan, offer another cost-cutting way of creating the same aesthetic without breaking the bank. Try waterproof laminate or luxury vinyl faux wood planks on the floor in bathrooms; they’re particularly resilient against humidity.

Consider adding marble to your bathroom as part of a 2021 trend – its luxurious surface can enhance vanity tops, floors and shower enclosures alike.

If you have the space, a simple stool or bench can add an elegant focal point to your bathing area while providing additional surface for towels and washcloths. Or make a statement with an impressive hanging storage solution such as ladder filled with towels or wire baskets holding extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.

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