Stylish and Functional Ideas for Relaxation

If you love spending time in your Middleton and Waunakee patio, it can be even better if you have a comfortable and stylish lounge set to enjoy it with. There are many themes that you can work with when choosing furniture for your outdoor space.

One popular trend is to mix styles. You can use modular sectionals and ottomans to make seating arrangements that can suit different spaces.

Adding a Pergola

Adding a pergola can be an excellent way to create a relaxing oasis in your backyard. Whether you are spending time alone or hosting friends and family, this space will provide the perfect environment to enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort.

Traditionally, matched sets of furniture were used in outdoor areas, but this trend is changing. Mixing styles can create a sophisticated and unique look that adds visual interest to the space.

Adding a Fireplace

Many people love to relax in front of a fireplace after a long day at work. They can sit and read a book or catch up with friends over drinks.

A great way to enjoy your fireplace is to set up a seating area right next to it. Snag a few weatherproof chairs or couches, and add a durable area rug to complete the look.

Adding a Waterfall

The trick to designing the perfect outdoor furniture is finding pieces that combine style, comfort, and functionality. There are many different themes that work well for this purpose.

One great idea is to add a waterfall to your space. This will create a relaxing atmosphere and add visual appeal to your home. Using rocks is a good way to accomplish this goal.

Adding a Fire Pit

Whether you prefer an outdoorsy vibe or want to mimic the look of a cozy campsite, you can make a fire pit feel like its own special retreat. Embrace nature with stump seats like those in this verdant backyard from Yardzen or opt for a more traditional drum or bowl silhouette that’s easy to move around for conversations.

Streamline your layout with dual-purpose storage solutions, such as ottomans that stow blankets and pillows.

Adding a Bar

Creating an outdoor bar can help bring a touch of style and sophistication to the space. You can use decorative glassware and outdoor wicker furniture to achieve a stylish look that will add to the comfort of the room.

If you love to entertain or enjoy a relaxing moment with family and friends, then this may be the ideal addition to your home.

Adding a Bistro Table

Adding a bistro table gives you a dedicated spot to relax and chat with friends. Decorate the table with florals and other table centrepieces to create a comfortable nook that’s perfect for conversation.

There’s a bistro set out there for every design vibe, from clean and modern metal styles to beachy wicker and intricate Victorian-inspired wrought iron. Choose a durable design that offers bonus features like umbrella holes.

Adding a Sheepskin Throw

Add a touch of luxury to your outdoor seating area with a luscious sheepskin. Locally sourced, our sheepskin rugs come in single to octo sizes for the perfect fit on your porch or deck.

You can also use a sheepskin throw on chairs to soften their hard surfaces. This plush, short hair sheepskin looks great draped over the back of a modern chair like this Harry Bertoia Wishbone.

Adding a Throw Pillow

Adding beautiful throw pillows to your seating area helps to cultivate lush and cozy aesthetics. These soft details make it easy to feel surrounded by comfort and relaxation while reading your favorite book or watching the sunset.

Look for pillows that are designed to resist fading and use weather-resistant materials. Mix and match pillow shapes (round, square, lumbar) for a layered look that adds visual interest.

Adding a Rug

Create a relaxing oasis with the addition of a rug that coordinates with your outdoor furniture. The neutral color of this rug grounds the seating area and makes it more inviting.

An outdoor rug can also add warmth to walkways. Here, a rug along a covered balcony turns a functional passageway into a cozy place to relax.

Choosing the right size rug for your space is important. For example, dining rugs should be large enough to allow the chairs’ front legs to stay on the mat.

Adding a Plant

Adding greenery to the space creates natural beauty and offers a soothing ambiance. It’s also a great way to create a sense of calm and encourage mindfulness.

Avoid a cluttered look. Too many furniture pieces crammed into one area can make it look sloppy and messy. Choose pieces that go together through color, materials, size, scale or era.

Organize the space into different zones for dining, lounging and entertaining. Adding storage solutions like benches with hidden compartments or storage ottomans makes this possible.

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