What Types of Garden Equipment Do You Need?

There are many different types of garden equipment that can be useful for the maintenance of your yard. Some tools are specifically designed for specific tasks, such as digging, weeding, or spreading fertilizer. Others are more general, such as the electric edger. There are also specialized tools that will allow you to perform tasks with greater precision.

Gardening equipment is often costly, but investing in quality pieces will keep you from having to replace or repair a tool too soon. Make sure that the equipment you purchase has a good warranty and is made from durable materials. You don’t need to own a huge inventory of tools, but it is a good idea to have a basic set.

The number of manufacturers that specialize in garden and lawn equipment is increasing. There are a few giants in the industry, but there are many smaller companies as well. This fragmented market will require manufacturers to pursue partnerships and develop new products. Analysts expect the number of new products to increase in the next few years.

While many hand tools can manage small gardens, more complex gardens will require mechanical assistance. Consumer-grade equipment is designed to last for many years, but is also expensive and requires major servicing. However, if you have a large yard or plot of land, a walk-behind tractor is a great choice. These machines have many attachments and can be used for nearly any farm or garden task.

Another piece of equipment that every gardener needs is a hand rake. This tool is essential for moving leaves and other debris. It can be made of plastic or metal, and features fork-like nails. Having a big hand rake is also necessary if you want to keep your garden looking clean. Rakes can also help you level your lawn or move small plants.

A shovel is an essential piece of garden equipment that will be useful for digging and lifting loose soil. There are also general-purpose shovels and a wide scoop shovel, which is like a spade with a wide blade and is used for moving large amounts of lightweight material. Other equipment you might want to invest in is a spray bottle, which can be used to water plants or spray pesticides.

Another piece of garden equipment is a pair of gloves. They should be made of breathable material that won’t interfere with your motions when digging. A pair of gloves with a rubberized layer will also help you hold your hand tools without any trouble. These gloves will also keep your hands and wrists protected.

Other essential pieces of equipment include gardening shears, also known as pruning scissors or clippers. These tools are handy to help you get creative with your gardening projects. These tools can be used to trim unwanted plant branches or shape hedges. It is important to purchase pruners that are easy to clean, and ones that fit easily in your hand. If you want to harvest thicker stems, then a strong lopper is a good choice.